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It’s our goal at InstantApps to help small businesses leverage the latest technology, marketing, and advertising methods to take your small business to the next level.  We are budget friendly and provide a quick, affordable, and easy-to-use solution to building apps with our mobile app builder.  You can get your app up and running in just minutes with our easy to use app builder – give it a try now!

A Simple 3-Step Process to Launching your App

To create your own app, instantly, follow these simple steps:

Choose an App Name

Enter the name and purpose of your app to create the perfect app.

Select App Features

From customer loyalty features, to scheduling, to online payments - we cover it all!

Publish your App

Publish your app to Apple iOS App Store and Google Play so users can download it.
For churches, real estate, restaurants, etc.

With the Economy booming, every real estate agent/company should have a business app! Whether putting a listing up to sell or looking for other listings, creating an app will allow you to stay connected with existing clients and potentially gain more clients. Real estate agents are always running around with open houses, meetings, and showing houses so why not gain the competitive advantage and make all of this much easier with an app. Do not lose commission due to the fact of not being organized and not having direct contact with your clients.  Be able to message back and forth via the app to never lose a sale again!

What features can/should be added to a real estate app?

  • Navigation 
  • Photos
  • Scheduling 
  • Lead Builder
  • Videos
  • Review Platform

With the busy lifestyle of the average person in today’s world, creating a Church business app is a must. Want to increase the community of people within the Church? With an app, this is possible as anyone would be able to download the app and become part of that community. Weekends tend to be the busiest time of the week and sometimes it is not possible to make it into Church. With an app, you will no longer miss the sermon, tithing, special events, etc. Stay up to date with what is happening at the Church even if you are unable to attend that certain Sunday.

What features can/should be added to a Church app?

  • Tithing Schedule (Credit Card accepted)
  • Calendar/Events
  • Bible Reading
  • Prayer Requests
  • Sermons/Podcasts
  • Quote/Verse of the Day
  • Music Downloads

It has never been easier to dine in, order delivery, or pick up carry out. With convenience being a top priority for most people, having a restaurant app is a must! Go to the app and put your name in to reserve a table, get a free entree when using the app, or receive a 5 dollar gift card on your next delivery. All this is possible and much more when creating the perfect app for your business. Not only are restaurants in general doing great but food delivery companies are soaring as well because people do not want to have and go pick up their food from companies that do not have delivery. People love CONVENIENCE!

What features can/should be added to a Restaurant app?

  • Menu/Prices
  • Order Function
  • Giveaways/Promotions
  • Push Notifications
  • Delivery Timer/Pick Up Timer
  • Navigation

Online shopping and the use of mobile apps is what everyone is committed to nowadays. With the phone being so prominent and a must for people, apps and online sites are booming while brick and mortar store are struggling more than ever. Not only are apps more convenient for customers but they are a must for businesses since once a customer uses your app you potentially have them hooked for life. Just make sure that the engagement and customer support is on point!

What features can/should be added to an E-commerce and Mcommerce app?

  • Push Notifications
  • Chat/Messaging Option
  • Social Media Integration
  • Coupons/Promotions
  • Product Listings (Bulk Import)
  • Loyalty Program

Why is
Best for your Business

Building an app can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive process! When you’re first starting out, you might not know where to start and may be confused about how the best way to make a mobile app will be.  InstantApps has perfected our process to making your mobile app easy, inexpensive, and streamlined.  Although our pricing is less than ANY competitor, you’re not sacrificing the features you need & deserve.  Give it a try now!

Unique Features your Customers Will Love

Our unique, easy to use features will help you make a strong presence for your mobile app.  Here are just a few features you can use on InstantApps:

Send out Push Notifications

The best way to communicate with your customers is via mobile push notifications. Connect with your app users where they spend 99% of their time with GUARANTEED responses!

Navigation & GPS Functions

Easily add navigation to your app, directing your customers to your store, location, office, and more with GPS functionality.

Integrate Social Media for Easy Sharing

Leverage the best marketing medium, social media, and easily integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more into your app.

Robust App Analytics & Tracking

Keep an eye on what your users and customers are doing - see what they're clicking, where they are spending their time, and easily measure "what's working" and "what's not" on your app!

Coupons & Customer Loyalty Features

Easily create customer coupon codes, allowing them to use in-store, or via credit card on the app. Create loyalty punch cards for customers to encourage repeat business.

Multilingual Translation to Break Language Barriers

Easily translate and convert your app to multiple languages, allowing you to connect to users both in your hometown, and across the globe!

Create Your App Instantly Now

Create your App Now in minutes!  $99 One-Time Fee (NO MONTHLY FEES EVER) – 7-Day Moneyback Guarantee!